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    Thank you for visiting!

    I’m a mature Mixed Media Artist with a childlike addiction to experimentation and mess.

    Many, many years ago … I was an art student studying lettering and design (with a specialisation in Calligraphy). I was taught the basic principles of Graphic Design together with the techniques and processes involved (no computers back then!). I learnt how to set type and use a simple printing machine.

    When I left Art College, I worked briefly for a Sign Company preparing designs for clients and drawing full size templates for approved designs. I then drifted into general clerical work for many years, but continued my creative journey learning a variety of skills and working with a large assortment of materials (including Basic Silversmithing and Stone Setting).

    Following the birth of my children, I became actively involved in teaching craft – initially to my own children, then at Toddler Group and Youth Clubs. At the same time I started exploring the creative potential of home computing.

    In 2003 I took myself off to University and succeeded in attaining an upper second class degree in Digital Media (Video, CD-ROM, DVD, Web Design and Construction and Marketing). I learnt how to use Photoshop, Flash, Director, Avid, DVD Studio Pro and Toast!

    Following my graduation I built my own business – teaching craft, computing, business and web design. In my spare time I honed my artistic skills, expanded my photographic knowledge, experimented and learned new software skills.

    In January 2012 I sold my home of over twenty years and set off with my partner on a journey of discovery. The aim was to explore physical locations while also exploring ourselves. It was an amazing experience which has enabled us both to grow in many new ways.

    My artistic practice has been continually shaped and expanded by the diversity of the teachers whose classes and challenges I have participated in. This has allowed me to explore and become familiar with new techniques, mediums and concepts.

    In addition to maintaining and developing my own artistic practice, I trained as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, then spent two years completing an MA in Art Psychotherapy. I have continued to work as a community artist, working with a variety of charitable organisations.

    During the current pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, I have taken the opportunity to explore a variety of textile arts. I have always been intrigued by the expressive, tactile qualities of textiles arts, but had never really explored any of the techniques and skills needed for their creation. I have been making up for lost time!

    I’ve been exploring the history and skills involved in patchwork and quilting; how to create and use lots of new embroidery stitches; how to spin wool using a drop spindle; and how to weave using a rigid heddle loom. As you may be able to imagine – I have lots of half finished projects on the go at the moment!

    I do believe in keeping busy, and am having great fun trying out all these new skills and working on ways to incorporate them into my artistic practice!