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  • 60 Goals!

    I just read this post from Samie (Journal Girl) and (having just passed a major milestone) was inspired to create a similar piece for myself. Only trouble is – I have more than double the goals to create. But I did it!!

    60 Goals

    I had great fun! I started off with a gesso base, then added a wash of acrylic colour. I created the text using a mixture of Stencils with acrylic paint and computer generated text washed with Twinkling H2O’s. Next came a border using stencils and Twinkling H2O’s. I added my 60 goals using a Unipin fine line pen. Lastly, I splattered a bit more colour with some paintbrush flicking and collaged some die cut flowers and leaves coloured with Twinkling H2O’s.

    I’ve blurred out my goals for now, but will reveal them in a years time when I review them to see how many I’ve achieved!

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    By on Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at 13:18 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, collage, messy craft, Stencils - Comments Off on 60 Goals!

    More Zentangles!

    I’ve rather got hooked on these Zentangle doodles – looks like I’m going for a series!

    Sun Zentangle

    I chose to use the sun as my central image this time. Everything is drawn freehand, which is why the box is not quite square to the page on this one – just call it artistic license!

    Once again I used my Unipin Fine Line pen – I think I’m going to have to bulk buy these if I do many more of these zentangles!

    Sun Zentangle - Coloured

    I just wish the scan could show the wonderful shimmer that the Twinkling H2O’s add to the image!

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    By on Tuesday February 26th, 2013 at 11:51 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, Zentangles - Comments Off on More Zentangles!

    Doodling and H2O’s!

    Still inspired by Jodi Ohl’s Just do it – Free Art Friday post, I decided to create another stained glass image, but to cover it in doodles in the style of my zentangle drawings. I used a 5″x7″ canvas board to draw it on.

    Heart Zentangle

    I doodled using a Unipin fine line pen which claims to be ‘water and fade proof’. “Hmmm, we’ll see about that!” … I thought. My record with so called waterproof pens is not very good!

    Heart Zentangle - Coloured!

    Wow – I’m impressed! Not a smudge or a smear anywhere! These pens are good! I used Twinkling H2O’s to add the colour, so the ink got verrry wet! Now that it’s finished, I think it looks kind of mandala-ish – the way it pulls your eyes in to focus on the heart. It wasn’t intentional, but I rather like it. What do you think?


    By on Sunday February 24th, 2013 at 17:47 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, Mandalas, Zentangles - 2 Replies - Leave a Reply


    I’m still having great fun playing with Carolyn Dube’s free Use Your Words workshop. Today I finished Wednesdays assignment.

    Dance! - A Colourful Workshop - Use Your Words

    I started by printing the quotation and gluing it to the page, then added colour using a mixture of dripped and sprayed Twinkling H2O’s – very messy! Using the same colours, I painted a panel which I’d embossed using a gear embossing plate, then brushed it with a black staz-on ink pad to give it some extra depth. I created the word dance using a plastic letter stencil then cut the letters up and taped them together. The dancer I cut out from a computer image and painted using acrylic paint.

    It was a very messy project, but I had great fun with it!


    By on Friday February 22nd, 2013 at 21:24 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, Stencils, Use Your Words - Comments Off on Dance!

    Thank You!

    I knew it was a mistake mentioning how well I was doing with my faces yesterday – I’m now officially running late! But I did finish this piece for the second lesson in Carolyn Dube’s Use Your Words workshop. This workshop is just so much fun!

    Thank You! - Use Your Words 2

    I used my home made stencils combined with Twinkling H2O’s to create the word ‘Thank’ then used some plastic stationery stencils to create ‘you and for’. I hand wrote my thank you list using a uniball eye pen. Carolyn’s supply list called for Dylusion spray inks for the next stage which I didn’t have, so I made my own using drawing inks in my ranger mini misters! I think they worked quite well.

    Hopefully tomorrow I’ll manage to catch up with my faces. Watch this space!

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    By on Friday February 15th, 2013 at 01:13 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, Stencils, Use Your Words - Comments Off on Thank You!