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  • Burning, Making Coffee and Licking the Page!

    Yes! …. I finally got around to the burning page in my journal.

    Burn This Page!

    Burn This Page!

    It was quite scary how fast the page burned … I had to use the coffee I’d made for the next page to douse the flames!
    Fling Your Coffee!

    Fling Your Coffee!

    As I don’t drink coffee, I thought I’d add my own twist to this page … I made the coffee and spilt it over the page (and the rest of the book – it really is a multi sensory book now!!) then shook some coffee graunles onto the page and gave them a good stir with my fingers. Result … one very smelly, sticky page!!

    While I was in the kitchen I thought I might as well do the tongue painting page!!

    Tongue Painting!

    Tongue Painting!

    I used food colouring straight from the bottle …. quite a colourful result!! The journal is getting quite hard to close now …
    Expanding Journal

    Expanding Journal

    … in more ways than one!! It’s so freeing and inspirational … and I’ve still got loads of blank pages!!

    By on Wednesday September 2nd, 2009 at 00:03 in altered book, Artistic Ramblings, messy craft, Wreck This Journal - Comments Off on Burning, Making Coffee and Licking the Page!
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