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  • Jigsaw Pieces, Thick and Thin Lines, Gesso and Gel Medium

    Jigsaw pieces, thick and thin lines, gesso and gel medium …

    Draw Fat Lines and Thin

    Draw Fat Lines and Thin

    I had great fun drawing the thick and thin lines with my water colour pencils. I’m still considering giving it a wash to soften and blend it … but I can’t make up my mind … so I’m leaving it for now!

    The jigsaw pieces weren’t meant to stick to the page!! I was trying to make a raised jigsaw outline, but I used a bit too much gesso and when I came to remove the pieces… they were stuck solid!! So I turned them into a collage instead and added some thick gel medium to create some great textured ridges in the pieces!

    After I scanned the image of these pages into the computer, I created an A4 print of the coloured lines pages and printed it out.

    Trace Your Hand

    Trace Your Hand

    I used this to cut up and make a sort of collage/mosaic fill for my traced hand. I coloured the background using a black water colour pencil.

    I’m having so much fun with this journal and learning so many new techniques; but most importantly i am learning to be more experimental in my creativity.

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