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  • ….. A Bit Early for Christmas …… !

    I know it’s a bit early for Christmas …. but I’ve been making paper chains!

    Make A Paper Chain!

    Make A Paper Chain!

    Not full size ones, just one mini paper chain made from a page of my Wreck this Journal book! I coloured the strips with Sharpies, then drew flowers on them using Sakura Souffle pens. Lastly I glued them together and attached them to the journal using mini brads.

    I started this doodle ages ago during a long telephone conversation with my brother. Then it got put aside and I forgot about it for a while. So when I stumbled across it the other day I thought it was about time I finished it!!

    Pretend You Are Doodling ...

    Pretend You Are Doodling ...

    I used a very fine Copic Multiliner pen.

    The word I chose for this next page is the Artist in me acknowledging her presence!

    Write One Word ...

    Write One Word ...

    I used some cheap Calligraphy pens from Asda for the calligraphy (which as you can see – write beautifully), and a mixture of other markers for the rest of the writing.

    The journal is getting soooo thick now …. I have a job to hold it and I still have loads of pages to do!!! So much fun 🙂

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