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  • 29 Faces – # 10

    Today I decided to have another try at an older face.

    Face 10 - 29 Faces 2013

    She still doesn’t look much like her original, but I’m beginning to be able to recognise the things that are wrong. I’m seeing more clearly! I definitely enjoy using a mixture of acrylic paint and water colour pencils for the colouring.

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    Blending and Faces!

    Today I played digital blending as well as faces.

    Digital Blending

    This started as an abstract created using Twinkling H2O’s. Then I scanned it and played digital blending with a photo of sand patterns. This is the result.

    Todays face got the works!

    Face 9 - 29 Faces 2013

    I was so determined she wouldn’t have any strange paint marks today that I gessoed the page before I started! Then I had to draw her face on the gesso. I hate pencil drawing on gesso! – it smudges everywhere!Luckily the putty rubber does a good job of cleaning up! To stop further smudging I started off with an acrylic wash base, then coloured her face and hair using watercolour pencils. I added some background colour using Twinkling H2O’s. I must admit – I’m quite pleased with the final result. What do you think?

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    29 Faces – # 8

    Back to a younger face today!

    Face 8 - 29 Faces 2013

    I’m quite pleased with the way she turned out, except for the blue shading round her mouth (paint bleed through from the next page!). I gave her a wash of acrylic paint under the pencils to try and hide the blue, but as you can see… it didn’t work!

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    29 Faces – # 6

    I’m a bit happier with todays face…

    Face 6 - 29 Faces 2013

    … she still doesn’t look too much like the image I was copying – but that’s what this exercise is all about – practising to improve!

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    29 Faces – # 5

    I’m not as happy with today’s face…

    Face # 5 - 29 Faces 2013

    … she started out alright, then seemed to go wrong with the colouring. I may try painting over her and trying again … or then again I might just move on to something new!

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    29 Faces – # 2

    Here’s my face number two.

    Face Number 2 - 29 Faces 2013

    I drew her in pencil, then coloured her using acrylic paint and watercolour pencils.

    I’ve been busy finishing my game board for last weeks Life Book lesson and hope to post it tomorrow.

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    29 Faces 2013

    February is the month Ayala Art challenges us to draw 29 faces. I missed the February challenge last year, but took part in the May and September challenges and was amazed how the discipline of drawing faces every day for a month improved my face drawing and painting skills.

    Face 1 - 29 Faces 2013

    So here’s my first face for the challenge. Drawn in pencil then coloured using a mixture of watercolour pencils and acrylic paint.

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    Time Flies!

    Doesn’t the time just fly by! I can’t believe it’s a week since I last posted here. In between a very special birthday, the celebration of which got delayed by snow over the entire country, followed by a nasty tummy bug which laid me out for a day, I’m only just catching up with myself now!

    New Paint!

    It all began when I had some leftover paint from creating cards for this week’s Life Book lesson. As usual I painted a page in my notebook with what was left of the paint. Then the postman brought me some very special paint that I’ve been coveting for a very long time – some Golden fluid acrylic paint! Well – I just had to try that out didn’t I? Isn’t it lush!

    New and Old Blended

    With two pages of abstract paint marks scanned I just had to play digital! So much fun and such beautiful colours!

    Game Cards, Front - Life Book 2013, Week 5

    Today I finally finished my game cards, the first part of Kelly Hoernig’s Lesson from Life Book this week.

    Game Cards, Back - Life Book 2013, Week 5

    I created my own playing card size cards using glossy white card, then painted them using acrylic paint (the old paint!). I used collages of stamped images coloured using watercolour pencils to decorate the front of the cards, and luggage tags coloured using distress ink pads to write my goals on the back. I obscured the titles of a couple of them as I am not ready to share them at the moment.

    So now I’d better get back to completing the rest of Kelly’s Lesson! I hope to be able to post it in the next day or so.

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    Getting Messy!

    Once again I’m playing catch-up! I’ve been having so much fun getting messy, I just haven’t had the time to post the images!

    On Friday I played with some embossed flowers, trying to colour them using a couple of ink pads. It didn’t work quite as I planned. Instead of nice clean colour on the raised areas, I ended up with a very dirty, grungy looking image (and a very dirty grungy me, covered in ink!). Not being one to let these things deter me, I stuck the image to a page in my notebook and created a grunge border round it using acrylic paint and an old credit card (getting covered in paint this time!). I think it looks alright now. What do you think?

    Embossed Flowers

    Yesterday I finally got around to completing this week’s Life Book Lesson from Monica Zuniga. I was a bit apprehensive when I watched the video, but once I got started I had so much fun (I got covered in paint and glue with this one!)! I started by creating a painted background, but once I created my doll and put her on it she disappeared, so I decided to use a plain black background. I created the doll using a collage of a mixture of stamped and embossed images, with the exception of the face which I scanned from a magazine and altered digitally, then coloured her using watercolour pencils. I’m really pleased with the way she turned out. Do you like her?

    Collage Doll

    Today I thought I’d play digital and mess free! I started with a photograph of sand patterns I took last week, then added a scan of an acrylic paint background I made a while ago and blended them together.

    Sand Blend

    I really love how the colours draw you into the image.

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    Celebration Journey!

    I have finally finished part two of Life Book Week 1! I had so much fun creating this – thank you Tam for such a great lesson! I chose an aeroplane as my mode of travel as I have have only just got my passport and have never yet flown. I intend to take my first flight in 2013!

    Celebration Journey - Life Book 2013, Week 1

    I created my background using watercolour paint and rock salt, then added a collage of the plane, which I coloured using neocolour crayons, combined with a picture of me. I created the flowers using circles punched from old magazines then added the details using a uniball eye pen and watercolour pencils. Having already stuck the plane to the page, I then decided I wanted some buildings behind it! Nothing like planning for getting things in the right order! I photocopied a book drew the buildings using the uniball eye pen, then coloured them using watercolour pencils. Then I had to cut them to fit round the plane! Next came the clouds, using the uniball pen and white gesso, and the sun using the uniball pen, yellow acrylic and neocolour crayons. Lastly I added the text digitally after scanning.

    Phew! All done just in time to start Week 2. Roll it on!

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