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  • Celtic Knots from ‘Thursdays with Earl’!

    I have been following ‘Thurdays with Earl’ on the Jessica Sprague website for quite a few weeks now and have really enjoyed the different lessons he has taught. Last week Earl taught us how to make Celtic Knot Designs, something I have wanted to have a go at doing for ages!
    So I drew my grid, then carefully followed the instructions (except I changed the shape!) with this result ….

    Celtic Knot Frame

    Celtic Knot Frame

    But when I looked at it … it was just crying out to be blended in with something else. So I tried it with this …
    Celtic Knot Frame Blend - 1

    Celtic Knot Frame Blend - 1

    Then I just had to do something messy after all that concentration. I used a pop-up butterfly template from RobertSabuda.com then got out some newspaper, clingfilm, alcohol ink and blending fluid. If you haven’t tried squirting alcohol ink onto cling film… you really should!! It’s very messy – hence the newspaper, but if you lay your paper on top you get some fabulous results! This is mine … framed of course by my Celtic Knot Frame!!
    Butterfly pop-up card framed by Celtic Knot Frame

    Butterfly pop-up card framed by Celtic Knot Frame

    I have great plans to try out some more complex knot designs … so watch this space 🙂

    By on Tuesday June 23rd, 2009 at 00:53 in Artistic Ramblings, Blending Images, Celtic Knots - Comments Off on Celtic Knots from ‘Thursdays with Earl’!