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  • New Blooms

    Ever since Tam published this week’s Life Book 2013 Lesson from Christy Tomlinson, every spare minute I’ve had has been devoted to getting messy playing with the new techniques Christy taught us.

    Leftover Paint Blend

    Along the way I had some leftover paint which I used with a flower stencil to create an image. I scanned this together with the sheet I prepared for making the flowers in the main project, then blended them. It’ll make a good background for something one day!

    New Blooms

    Finally – the finished product! I had so much fun! I started by creating a mixed media collage background using newspaper, old magazine inserts, bits of old envelopes, washi tape, white acrylic paint, inks, stamps and marker pen for the words. Then came the fun part of making the flowers. You’ll have to do the course if you want to know how, but I used kitchen roll, tissue paper, very runny acrylic paint, stencils, stamps, kitchen foil and lots of gel medium. I had to adapt some of the ingredients as I didn’t have everything on Christie’s list! It was great fun, and very messy! – Thank You, Christie!

    Pink Lady

    I’ve really been missing drawing this year, so today I drew the Pink Lady! I wasn’t going to colour her at all, but then I had an accident over her right eye with my white marker. So she now has blue eyes! Not a bad cover up job!

    eunice signature

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    Let’s Have Some More Creativity!!

    Yes!! … I’ve done it! I’ve linked and transferred all the posts, images and comments from my free WP blog! I couldn’t believe how simple it was 🙂 Any way … enough of my rambling …. let’s have some more creativity!!

    Last week, my daughter left home to start her life at Greenwich University. I decided a ‘Welcome to Your New Home’ card was a bit too normal, so to mark the occasion, I made her a Mixed Media Collage picture for her wall.

    New Home Present

    New Home Present

    I started off with an old piece of mount board left over from my own days at Uni not that long ago. I painted it with white gesso to give me a good base to work on then coloured it using a three or four colours of acrylic paint and various techniques. My next step was to arrange the images into an interesting shape which I then covered with more acrylic paint to make them blend in. I mounted the central image onto some corrugated board and stuck it in the middle, then made the frame from old bottle tops.

    Delivering the picture, along with a car load of ‘forgotten’ bits, at the weekend gave me the opportunity to take my camera out round the O2 on Saturday night. With my normal penchant for the unusual .. I was quite pleased with these detail shots taken inside the dome.

    O2 Ceiling Support - 1

    O2 Ceiling Support - 1

    O2 Ceiling Support - 2

    O2 Ceiling Support - 2

    O2 Ceiling Support - 3

    O2 Ceiling Support - 3

    I love getting out with my camera – it provides me with a wealth of original images that I can turn into artwork for all kinds of uses.

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