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  • Simple Image Transfers!

    I’ve been wanting to try out image transfers for such a long time … but every time I’ve found a set of instructions they’ve involved using substances which were either dangerous or else difficult to obtain. So imagine my excitement when I came across this book, Image transfer Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy which has a huge variety of very simple step by step instructions for transferring images, many of which use common safe substances! I’m planning on trying them all over time, but I started with the ink jet / gel medium transfers as they were so simple. All you need is a pot of Gel Medium, a paint roller/brayer and an ink jet printed image!

    The image on the left-hand page of a rose bud is my very first attempt … pretty impressive I thought. I got so excited with my success that when I did

    Glue in a Photo

    Glue in a Photo

    the next one, after remembering to reverse the image when I printed it, I stuck it to the page upside down!! Luckily it was in my Wreck this Journal Book so I figured it was meant to be!!

    This next transfer forms the first completed page in my creative business plan which was inspired by The Right-Brain Business Plan devised by Jennifer Lee. The page is in the middle of

    Development and Growth

    Development and Growth

    the book I have made and I have written ” Development and growth are vital to my business. I need to experiment, experience, and constantly be trying out new ideas. Having Fun!`’ around the the image. This is much more fun than a traditional business plan 🙂

    This last image is my favourite of the lot! Inspired by my Wreck this Journal Book, I have decided to alter one of the many fiction paperback



    books I have littered throughout my house waiting to be taken to the charity shop. I love the way the text looks like it’s been aded after, when in fact it’s the only bit of the original page that you can see!

    I can’t wait to get started on trying out some of the other techniques in the book … keep watching this space!

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    Jane Unsworth

    October 30, 2009 at 09:28:00

    Wow Eunice – this is so lovely … I’m not sure what a transfer is in this regard … only the one’s that I used as a kid to look like a tattoo … and that was back in the day when the only people who had tattoo’s were sailors (at least that’s what I remember) actually that probably extends to all the services back then.

    But your work above is a ‘work of art’ – how does it act as a Business Plan … I can’t wait to hear … as a more interactive version sounds like fun and useful rolled into one …

    Happy transferring … Love it!

    Jane 🙂


    October 30, 2009 at 15:29:16

    Thanks for your kind comments Jane!

    To clarify – It’s a transfer in that you print the image on your computer in the normal way, then use some kind of medium (in this case Golden Gel Medium) to transfer it onto something else … very much like the transfers you’re talking about (I remember them too!) … but the results are not quite as clear – hence the lovely distressed look!

    I’m not quite sure how my creative business plan is going to work out …. but the idea is to use images instead of/or as well as words to convey the different elements. It is also pocket sized so that you can carry it around with you – portable inspiration! (I meant to post images of the book and its little bag … but I kind of ran out of time! I’ll post those images soon) I must admit … I had no idea how to begin until I did that page last night …. now I can feel an idea begining to germinate!!! I’ll post the rest as I do it.

    eunice 🙂