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  • More Zentangles!

    I’ve rather got hooked on these Zentangle doodles – looks like I’m going for a series!

    Sun Zentangle

    I chose to use the sun as my central image this time. Everything is drawn freehand, which is why the box is not quite square to the page on this one – just call it artistic license!

    Once again I used my Unipin Fine Line pen – I think I’m going to have to bulk buy these if I do many more of these zentangles!

    Sun Zentangle - Coloured

    I just wish the scan could show the wonderful shimmer that the Twinkling H2O’s add to the image!

    eunice signature

    By on Tuesday February 26th, 2013 at 11:51 in Artistic Ramblings, CED, Zentangles - Comments Off on More Zentangles!

    New Identity

    As part of re-creating my identity back here at Artimess, I decided to design myself some business cards. The front was no trouble, but I thought I’d like to put some of my artwork on the back.

    I started by creating this Artimess zentangle:

    Artimess Zentangle

    I used A6(105mm x 148mm) white art board and drew with my trusty Rotring Rapidograph .25 Pen.

    Then I found this photoshop tutorial from 10 Steps and thought it looked like fun – I love digital blending! So I gave it a go:

    Artimess Portrait

    I love the result – mainly because it makes me look a lot younger than the original! So now I have 2 backs for my business card. Which do you think I should use?

    By on Monday September 24th, 2012 at 17:07 in Artistic Ramblings, Blending Images, Digital Art, Zentangles - Comments Off on New Identity

    Sew a Zentangle!

    The minute I saw the instruction to “Sew this page”, I just knew I had to try to sew a zentangle! Check out the Zentangle website for all the info … but simply put it’s a styalised doodle! I’ve been drawing Zentangles for quite a while now (check out my flickr set if you’d like to see what I’ve done) but this is the first time that I’ve tried to sew one! It took a lot longer than a hand drawn one as I had to prick out the design with a pin before I sewed it, but I like how it turned out!

    Sew a Zentangle

    Sew a Zentangle

    But I wasn’t happy with it as a journal page! So I got out my water colour pencils and coloured the facing page, then gave it a water wash and squished the two pages together to transfer some of the colour. It looked much better, but I still wasn’t completely happy so I added some Webbing spray in gold ….. et voila!!
    Sew a Zentangle - with added colour!

    Sew a Zentangle - with added colour!

    Most people would leave it there, but once I have an image scanned into my computer … I just can”t resist having a little play!! This is my favourite digital enhancement (I pressed the Invert Button!)
    Sew a Zentangle - Coloured and Inverted

    Sew a Zentangle - Coloured and Inverted

    By on Thursday August 13th, 2009 at 22:19 in altered book, Artistic Ramblings, Wreck This Journal - Comments Off on Sew a Zentangle!