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  • Altered Business Meeting!

    Today I took my ‘Wreck This Journal’ book to the Thanet Venture Group’s monthly meeting with a simple request ….” Would they please each do something on the ‘Hang this Journal in a Public Place’ page. I provided lots of coloured marker pens for them to play with and they added some coffee/tea and biscuits. The original intention was for them to complete it during the break, but the book was passed round continually throughout the meeting causing much hilarity and raising some really great issues. It definitely made for an altered business meeting! This is the result 🙂

    Hang the Journal in a Public Place page

    Hang the Journal in a Public Place page

    The book is starting to look really battered now ….
    Wreck This Journal - Battered Front Cover

    Wreck This Journal - Battered Front Cover

    …… but there are still plenty of pages left to have fun with – keep watching this space for further updates!

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